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Project Description

 Wedding Photography

I specialize in wedding photography. My approach to the wedding day is very photo-journalistic with a touch of fine art. I keep the couples stress free to enjoy there day.

Your wedding is a very special experience that should be captured with energy and a sense of creativity. I consider every couple a personal art project as I try to create something unique each time. On that note, I like to make my couples feel very comfortable around my staff and I and just have a few laughs throughout the day! This always brings out the best expressions that make for a great photography, not to mention the best fantastic overall experience!

I also enjoy being a family photographer for similar reasons. It truly is fantastic when families brings me into their lives for a day and allow me to capture most important to them. I take pleasure in photographing the small little nuances in a family’s everyday lives which they may not be aware of, capturing the essence of family. These are moments which should be frozen in time to be cherished for generations to come.

Creating imagery that stunning and unique is a large part of what I do, but a truly great photo must have meaning. I want you to look back at your album and not only see what you looked like, but also remember how you felt on this day. What you were about, what experiences you and your family was going through. That’s the good stuff! I take great pleasure in the happiness I can give to my clients when they see the results of my work. To me that’s the most satisfying aspect of being a wedding and family photographer. I strive to make sure my clients are always ecstatic with their images and most importantly, with their overall experience with this photographer.


When selecting a Smooth Photographty wedding photographer you are selecting more than just a photographer for your wedding day. You are hiring a wedding photographer that will be with you, your family all day on your wedding day. Personality is a huge part of the selection process and should not be overlooked or discounted in any way. Your wedding photographer’s personality can set the tone for your entire wedding day and your bridal party.

Customized Boutique Experience

I believe it’s important for your wedding photographer to pay special attention to your vision and collaborate with your on your wedding day. The experience we offer is exactly. We treat every couple like individual art projects. The end result becomes something unique. Our documentary approach also assures we capture those special little moments that will fly by on the big day!


The investment you make is always a factor when selecting your Smooth Photography, but it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. Very often we hear the horror stories from brides who made a decision for their wedding photography based primarily on price. It turns out to be unwise in the end. When it is all said and done, your wedding day photography will be all you have to remember your wedding day.


My rate are  $240 – 400* per hour.

This is includes:

*cost for less then 3 hours.

**only with  less then 3 hours job.

Small Ceremony Package

Up to 4 hours of coverage

Five 8×10 prints of your choice

High resolution disc with all edited images

Full rights to print/post/publish at your convenience (a HUGE savings)!


Middle Package

Up to 6 Hours of coverage

Premium flush-mounted album

Ten 8×10 prints of your choice

High resolution disc with all edited images

Full rights to print/post/publish at your convenience (a HUGE savings)!


Big Package

Up to 8 hours of coverage

Engagement session

Premium flush-mounted album

Ten 8×10 prints of your choosing

High resolution disc with all edited images

Full rights to print/post/publish at your convenience (a HUGE savings)!


Platinum Ceremony Package

Up to 10 Hours of coverage

Engagement session

Premium flush-mounted album

20 8×10 prints of your choosing

16×20 gallery wrapped canvas!

High resolution disc with all edited images

Full rights to print/post/publish at your convenience (a HUGE savings)!


Secondary Photographer Option

Ceremony Only:


Full Event Coverage:



All of our assistant photographers shoot with the same camera systems as our lead photographers.

All post processing is completed by the lead photographer in conjunction with the other images
using professional editing techniques, and Adobe software.

Videography Service

Ceremony only:


Full day coverage:


Love story/Engagement session coverage


Session Fees

Mini portrait session (no discounts available)$150.00
Headshot sessions$250.00
Regular outdoor portrait session (without studio lighting)$300.00
Separate engagement sessions (when not booked with a wedding package)$350.00
Family photo sessions (this price for six people)$400.00


All of our sessions are “all inclusive,” meaning that full reproduction rights, as well as all of the digital images are included with each session (a HUGE savings)!


I’m an experienced and honest straightforward photographer.

Time saving:

Forget about shopping around for photographers and cinematographers separately. We offer both.



Please, please don’t hire cheap photographer, don’t hire one day butterfly photographer, I saw many people who cry from bad photography, and ask me fix a problem, but I’m so sorry, I’m not God, and I can’t fix everything after your cheap photographer.